Security Companies in Queens

Kayobi Security – Queens, NY Security Services Provider

Welcome to Kayobi Security, one of the premier security companies in Queens. New York has unique security challenges and you should choose experienced security companies like Kayobi Security that have a strong local presence. We have been serving Queens and greater New York for more than 25 years. Our tenet is the safety and security of our clients while our mission is to deliver unmatched service on all assignments.

Tailor-made Security Services in a Broad Array of Sectors

We serve different many different sectors and industries. We serve banking & financial customers, the diamond/jewelry industry, educational institutions, the energy (oil and gas) sector, federal government, local government, hospitals, construction, retail and hotels/hospitality. Our services are tailor-made for our clients since no two clients have the same security needs. When you choose to work with us, we will assess your unique needs and then provide you a strategy that best works for your situation. Our services include:

  • Deterrence, detection, observation, and/or reporting of unauthorized or unlawful activity
  • Response to security alarms
  • Street patrols in vehicles, on foot, or on bicycle
  • Private security and executive protection

Empowered Workforce for your Security and Safety

We believe an empowered workforce will translate to improved safety and security. We only pick the best to work for us. Indeed, most of our security guards are former police officers and former military personnel. Our employees have to undergo rigorous and continuous training so they are up to date on the latest technologies and laws. We train our team on:

  • Emergency response techniques and standards such as response to fire alarms
  • Security guard code of ethics and conduct
  • Legal standards/limitations
  • Public relation and communication skills
  • The role of a security guard
  • Report writing

Our Competitive Advantage

We are bonded, insured and licensed to offer security services. We are dependable and are ready to respond around the clock. We provide you with a single point of contact and offer a ‘one call’ solution, which is not only convenient, but also means quicker response times. We take grooming very seriously since we know our guards are usually the first people your visitors come in contact with. The shoes worn by our security guards are always polished and their security uniforms are properly fitting, clean, and pressed.

If you would like to learn more about our security guard services, call us at 212-388-6302 Ext 101 or email us at We look forward to hearing from you.